Wednesday 18/10/2023

My friend says that October is the month of falling in love...

Wednesday 18/10/2023

My friend says that October is the month of falling in love, the weather changes from unbearable heat to one with cool breeze. When we go out at night with friends, we take a jacket to protect ourselves from that breeze, and whoever forgets his jacket, protects himself by his friend’s shoulder,  until he returns home and protects himself with the walls. 

Tonight was very harsh, the occupation army turned October from a month of falling in love to one of killing friends. Yesterday at 7pm, the occupation bombed Al Ma’medani (Baptist) hospital in Gaza, leaving more than 500 martyred and a lot injured. Among them was my friend Mohamed Qreiqa’a, a tall and handsome young man whose art paintings expressed the monstrosity of the occupation. Mohamed left his house in Shujaiyyeh to the hospital seeking shelter and protection, he left his art at home. He left his soul,  not knowing that death was awaiting him. 

The occupation is denying the massacre, they’re claiming the resistance did it, but given the magnitude of damage, it’s clear the occupation did it - no one else could. 

Dignity has dried up from the faces in the  world as they are watching what’s happening. So has the Arabness, and the humanity from people's hearts.. Even the Human Rights Organizations are useless… because, to them, a Palestinian is not human. Maybe if they had substituted their international declaration with the concept of human rights, maybe then they can do something and remember every human’s right to safety. 

Now young people are falling in love in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona, but Mohamed wasn’t there, he was at the Ma’medani hospital to tell the world that his art stands as a reminder that October is the month of death.