Friday 13/10/2023

I crossed paths with one of the fighters who were besieged in the church of Nativity in 2000...

Friday 13/10/2023

I crossed paths with one of the fighters who were besieged in the church of Nativity in 2000. That man knows exactly what's going on, he understands the strange disappointing Arab governments… After they were locked inside the church, Israel offered to have them flee to Europe, but Abo Ammar, Yasser Arafat refused that. They were a large number and 100 of them did leave for Europe. 

The church was bloody, martyrs everywhere and those who survived ate tree leaves and went for days without water. 

We tried to get some sleep to give our bodies some rest in case we were forced to move once more. We sleep to the sound of bombs and wake up to them as well. Moments after fagr prayer, a young man and his family went outside and the little girl ran to try and find her shoe, which she lost on the street as they fled the bombing. 

On the news, the Israeli occupation army asks families in Northern Gaza to move to the south. There are 1.1 million people in the north. What worries me is that the UN and Red Crescent asked their employees to do the same. No one is trying to explain what's happening, no one knows if this is psychological warfare but we know they gave a 24 hour notice. 

People are scared and they want to believe they're just threatening them. But we've lived through this catastrophe before and that's what's scary. When the Home Front Command asked people to not leave Shujaeieh in 2014, we lived the most horrible of atrocities the next day. Pain teaches you. 

We are living the futility of forced migration since 1948, the world is conspiring against us as if we've taken their women and they want revenge. Why are we surprised at the Arab and Global stances? 

Ya Allah, I miss Mozzafar AlNawab, I miss his crass language that satisfies something within me. Or perhaps makes my anger feel more at ease. 

The systems are rogue, the people are naked. Yes, but they can change that hypothesis and what use is history when we're faced with Allah and asked: what have you done?

Those are our conversations together

Message 1:Just don't leave me.

Message 2:We're stronger than to give up

Response 1: I'm with you

Response 2: we're not going to give up